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11 hours ago

Jan Surf Shop ......only the best! AlohA JAN _!!!/ https://vimeo.com/289371414

A short featuring John John Florence, titled “Space.” Shot on location between Western Australia and Hawaii. Presented by Parallel Sea Surfing by…

17 hours ago
Pukas El Loco 5'5'' -

Pukas El Loco 5'5'' Axel Lorentz shaper. AlohA JAN _!!!/

Pukas El Loco 5’5” 5’5” x 19 3/4 x 2 1/4 litri 27,25 € 300,00 Correlati

1 day ago
Foto dal post di Jan Surf Shop

Kaunakakai paddle skate .... not for all. AlohA JAN _!!!/ Info 0717922382

5 days ago
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Indipendent Emerica........... lo Skate c'è ! AlohA JAN _!!!/

6 days ago
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SuperBrando in action...... ecco il vero spirito del surf DIVERTIRE SE STESSI!! AlohA JAN _!!!/

1 week ago
XCEL Europe

Jan Surf Shop rivenditore autorizzato XCEL. info Tel 0717922382 AlohA JAN _!!!/

Heidar Logi Only one suit for the job Drylock X #xcelwetsuits Filmed by triphackr

1 week ago
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Vista l'intensità delle onde di questo periodo per avere la muta asciutta per più session Wetsuit PRO DRYER info tel 0717922382 AlohA JAN _!!!/

2 weeks ago
FCS Freedom Leash

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=69&v=81V4vvAEM-Y FCS news... stay tuned! AlohA JAN _!!!/

Developed by FCS, the new Freedom Leash features a revolutionary new cord, that by diameter, is lighter and stronger than any other cord. With a focus on str...

2 weeks ago
Foto dal post di Jan Surf Shop

T8 Dakine! Not for all B-) AlohA JAN _!!!/

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